Elsewares is a web development and game design collective located Evanston, Illinois. Our focus is on building stories: the story of your business, your artistic expression, your cause. Through progressive engagement, game elements and leveraging the latest bits of the cloud, we build our clients' day-to-day work into a story they can share.

Our portfolio of client work that isn’t completely invisible to the public. A large part of what we do here at Elsewares is behind the scenes, but sometimes we get to shine in HTML as well.

Our game portfolio – either in the works, or ready to enjoy. We also think a lot about games and gaming, so there are some whitepapers here to be read as well.

Our open-source, blue-sky projects: Fitzgerald, a translation of the popular Ruby web framework Sinatra into PHP, nonong.org, a blazing-fast web stack (Node, NoSQL, Nginx), and chode – a chess server written in Node.

  • Elsewares designed the site for my individual art, as well as my company's site. I am very pleased with the result on both projects. [They] very nicely showcased the art presented on both sites, and came up with good ideas and solutions to problems along the way. [They] also remains calm in the face of chaos, which is a good quality to have if in a web designer if you want to get things done.–Elizabeth Sanderson, artist.

  • They don't push you into more design than you want, more code than you can handle - but at the same time they make things happen for you that you thought would take thousands of dollars to accomplish. –Adam James, architect.

  • I want to convey the satisfaction I had with the work done [on] the Artbox website. What began as a skeleton site was built to a substantial and impressive site, which functioned as a means of contest entry as well as a display for artists work. Pretty much everything we wanted was made to happen, and what wasn't, was generally better looking and working than anticipated. A great experience.–artboxinternational.com

  • Here at GreenRope.com, we needed someone to help us design our user interface. Since our software combines CRM, email marketing, project management, and more in to one platform, it wasn't a simple task. Brian was able to pull it off, though, in elegant fashion. With a modern, clean look with the expandable functionality we needed, we were able to launch our product quickly and have since received many accolades regarding the design of that user interface.–Lars Helgeson, Founder, GreenRope.com

  • It was a breeze to have work done by you with no stress or need for concern. So often these website matters become large scale projects unnecessarily. It was a relief to send off information as it came and to have you put all the pieces together knowing exactly what we were looking for. I would recommend your services to anyone, you truly know your stuff.–Lance Labno, Principal, Movement Solutions, LLC

  • Elsewares has provided the pragmatic technical knowledge to make our vision of open data publication viable. They have invested the time to understand both our technological and philosophical goals. With that common understanding, elsewares has become a partner in our development efforts, not simply a consultant. The speed and grace with which they test ideas, evaluate results, and recommend viable solutions has significantly shortened our deployment schedule.–Nathanael Reveal, President, Bioquant Image Analysis.